James Bono

When people experience trauma or life stressors, it is not uncommon for their life to unravel. My passion is in helping people, families, and communities, both locally and internationally, to bring together, in unity, a world which has the appropriate tools available to evolve. Much more then adapting and to adapt to the new lifestyle that the individual who experiences an acquired brain injury. 

Having been raised in an inner city taught me the difference between right and wrong. To boardrooms that allowed my entrepreneurial skills to soar. To being homeless, hungry, and confused abetted my faith.

I am an individual that believes in the simple core value of “love they neighbor” and know the world can be a better place if a person puts forth the effort into making it one. In my lifetime I have seen rags to riches to rags to learn one important lesson, which is the value of the word “enough”. I am blessed to have “just enough” and thankful to my Lord Jesus Christ for this.

Sustaining a traumatic brain injury which fortunately left my long term memory skills intact as well an increased knowledge of gratefulness. This has placed the value of a dollar far beneath the joy of another’s happiness. This is what fuels my passion daily towards collaboratively bringing together one community encompassing all things related to an acquired brain injury. While we, as a society, help one another change our world.