We are more than a survivor to survivor resource group. We are just like you and committed to helping each other in many not yet seen ways.


Brain injuries are a tricky thing, as you know. We've set out to create a singular resource for people seeking help with acquired brain injuries. We understand that having a brain injury isn't always understood by those around you. We understand. We've been there... are there. We have sustained a brain injury as well and have developed BIRG for many much needed reasons. One being YOU. You would be amazed at how many have overcome, adapted, fought through the darer days and are here with their hand out saying "take my hand and let me teach you how I handled that." Whom better to speak on the matter? Firsthand knowledge is very helpful for ore than just survivors, caregivers. The walk of a caregiver is a distinct walk, one that could be immensely helped from another caregivers shoulder to lean on, learn from, gain strength from. Learn from each other and let us help ease your journey through recovery. 



Find out about our organization, mission, and how we may be able to help you as well as your organization. For us, this is far more than a city by city, state by state or even country initiative. This is an international problem of which the time has come for us all to connect, unite, partner up and make actual impact! We encourage you to reach out and be part of global unification on all things acquired brain injury. Let's be honest, it is an online connected world we live in. The days of brick and mortar, business as usual, small thinking, disconnected are done. Think of what progress will be made impacting OUR world when one connects caregivers to caregivers, medical community to medical community, legal field to legal field, social services to social services from all over the world. That is impacting a world, OUR world and we call it "Recovery Without Walls" being as we all have knowledge, help each other and help positive growth, change, impact within OUR world.


Take Action

Each of us have heard "What a world we live in". Be the difference! Make a change in your world, our world. We are always looking for those that are willing to stand up and be counted. Whether it be from a wheelchair or an armchair, make a positive impact. A global impact requires a global team with accommodating to your schedule as BIRG is a 24/7/365 community like the world has never seen. You bet we have more than plans! We have commitment, we have those that live this unrequested life altering change. Enough with waiting for others to develop solutions to our problems, come together and help one another develop solution. Be an active part of change in OUR world. When you join BIRG you join a team, you are amongst those whom have walked the same steps. You can participate in change, become a contributor to change, you impact the world WE live in. Please reach out and be an active part of OUR world. It all starts with one little step: